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Monday, January 27, 2014


 Hello everyone. Its blogger time again! I  feel very strong that I should write at this very moment but Im not sure what Im going to write. Sooo I will trust my inner gut feeling and just move forward with action and write whatever comes. I will write the Whispers of my Angels...

I do strongly and firmly believe that their are Angels among us and that they speak to us often, they whisper in our spiritual ears. "Whispers of Angels"...what a cool concept, that our God loves us so much the He has provided angels to help us in our everyday life. What an awesome God we serve that He is so concerned with the details of our lives that he provides real Angels to help us along the path of life. Our God is the Father of our spirits. He desires for us to return to His presence one day. This is why He provided a Savior (Jesus Christ) for us to look to and follow. For God so loved the world that He sent His Son to this earth to bleed and die for you and me. I know without any doubt that God and Jesus Christ live. They truly are involved in the very details of our lives. They really do have an army of Angels working with them to help you and me in this spiritual battle we call life. Again these words are just popping into my mind as I write them...these are "Whispers of angels"...I know they are real!


I believe that it is our job to tap into the right frequency of the angels assigned to work with us. Yes I truly believe that we all have specific angels assigned to stay with us and to help us through life. These angels are communicating to our spiritual ears all the time. If we focus and tune in to the right station and frequency we can find a surpluss of guidance, joy and happiness. I know its true because I have read and heard  many testimonies and I have heard their whispers often. Its usually when Im striving to shut down my thoughts and just be still, or while Im exercising or even at this very moment as I write. I challenge you to put forth a real effort to tap into the whispers of your angels. You will hear the whispers, for they come as thoughts, feelings and impressions on the mind. We are so bombarded with information and things of this world that sometimes we lose contact with our own intuition, we lose contact with the HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy Ghost is a real personage of spirit. He is a member of the God head. He is a personage of spirit and for this reason He has the power to impress thoughts, feelings, guidance, knowledge  ,protection, joy, love , peace and other powerful influences directly to your spirit. We learn from the scriptures that angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. They speak directly to your mind and heart as impressions, thoughts and feelings. They speak what Christ wants you to hear. They are real and they do speak to us!!! They can come in many different forms. I believe a perfect stranger or a friend or family member can be an angel to us.  In this writing I am speaking of spiritual entities.


 I can remember when I was on my mission for the church I belong to from 2000-2002 I was living in the hood, I mean the ghetto of Bridgeport Connecticut. At the time it was the murder capitol of the USA.  My companion and I were out walking the streets seeking someone that desired to learn of Christ. We came across this lady that had just had a very real experience with real Angels. As we stood there together in the street in front of the three story apartment building that she lived in she told us this story. She pointed to the top story of that apartment building to a bedroom window over 45 ft in the air and said that her three year old child had been playing in that window. Her child was leaning out the window and fell out of that window all the way to the ground!!! She told us how they just knew for sure that her child would be brain dead or paralyzed or dead. Then her eyes filled up with tears as she told us what her young child told her once they were in the Hospital. They couldnt figure out why their were not serious injuries. The Doctor said that their is no way that this child just fell from that high out of a window free falling and hit the concrete. That is simply not true the Doctor said. This child would be seriuosly injured.  Then it all begin to make more sence when the child told them "They carried me down, and laid me on the ground". "Who carried you down?" asked the mother. They carried me down, they were all dressed in white, there was two on each side of me and they carried me down and laid me on the ground". The tears continued to flow as she begin to tell us that ANGELS ARE REAL. She testified to us that angels saved her child that day. She knew her child was saved that day by real Angels. I knew she was telling the truth. I could feel that she was being honest and real. I will never forget that story and the testimony that she shared with me that day.

 I choose to believe that angels are among us. As the old country music group Alabama song goes, "I believe their are angels among us, sent down to us from somewhere up above, they come to you and me in our darkest hour, to teach us how to live. to teach us how to give, to guide us with a light of love." They along with the Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us as we strive to tune into their frequency of a still small voice not a loud voice but a voice that enters the inner most parts of our heart and soul. I know for me I get distracted in this world full of sooo much information and influences coming into our lives. I have to take a break from Facebook and TV and  find time to just be quiet and listen. I usually do this after Im done praying, or while Im jogging or walking. All of the great spiritual leaders in life teach us that prayer and meditation can be powerful avenues to a surpluss of inspiration, motivation, mental health and happiness. I am going to make it a point to do better and take more time away from Facebook, TV and the influx of information of this world and tap into the WHISPERS OF MY ANGELS.  


So having said all that, How does all that relate to addiction recovery? It is my desire and hope that your faith in God and angels has increased.  It is by that same Faith that you can move forward to action and continue on the road of recovery.  It is by having faith in God, Angels and in your self that you can do all things. Honest effort coupled with sincere faith will move mountians! Thats right with Faith you and God will remove that mountian of addiction from your life. As your faith grows and you turn to your higher power, (for me that is God and Jesus Christ), you will be restored to complete spiritual health. I firmly believe that it is our spiritual health that is most important. When we take time to exercise our spiritual musceles we are able to refrain from our self destructive behaviors much easier. When we are spiritually strong we can stand strong in the face of any temptation. The temptations will still come but we will be strong enough to say no and go on about our lives. It has helped me tremendously to remember that when temptations come it is not only the opportunity to do wrong, but more importantly its the opportunity to do what is right. A great motto is to "Just do the next right thing".  STAY TRUE...STAY POSITIVE...STAY STRONG...STAY SOBER...LOVE LIFE!!!

Press onward and forward my friends, learn from your mistakes and others mistakes. They say a smart person will learn from his own mistakes but a wise person will learn from others mistakes. Focus on improvement not perfection. By small and simple means great things come to pass. Our God is an awesome God and He has great things in store for us. He desires to bless us with His richest of blessings. We must have Faith in Him and as the scriptures teach us we should trust that He is a rewarder of those that diligintly seek Him. He will bless us regardless in so many ways, but when we put forth honest effort to live rightously He blesses us even more. Obedience to Him opens up the windows of Heaven. He gave us commandments for our own protection. A good analogy is to think of His commandments kind of like traffic lights. If we didnt have traffic lights in the streets it would be crazy, chaotic and deadly. That is how His Commandments are, they are put in place for our protection because He loves us. They are not to just restrict us and boss us around  the commandments truly are given in His infinite wisdom for our own good. I challenge you to focus on the things of God and tune into the spiritual realm more and more. As you do I promise you will be granted greater self control and after all that is really the key to addiction recovery "Self control", If we are in complete control of ourselves we live in moderation and in harmony with Gods laws. I challenge you to take time out of your busy day and just be still and listen for the whispers of your angels. You will be inspired!  It takes real effort to stop our thoughts and tune into the higher frequency of the spiritual realm. YOU CAN DO IT! I promise you that you will begin to have more peace inside and more vision for your life. you will tap into the true source of all knowledge and power. Even the power of our God. He knows you by name, He and your angels are watching you, so be good for goodness sake!!!  

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Monday, January 6, 2014


MY THOUGHTS: Hello world, Its blogger time again, its a new year and a new beginning. I am excited for this new year. I just know it will be a great one! I hope you are excited about your life. I hope you are doing what your passionate about and loving life. As you know my motto is BE ALL YOU CAN BE AS A TRUE SOLDIER IN GOD'S ARMY...STAY TRUE...STAY STRONG...STAY POSITIVE...STAY SOBER...LOVE LIFE!!!
I am loving my new sober lifestyle. It can be kinda boring sometimes, but I have learned to appreciate the peace and quiet. I love living a drama free lifestyle. It is amazing how many life problems go away just by staying clean and sober. I am so thankful for my second chance at life. I was so lost in my addiction that I was headed to death, prison or both!!! I feel soooo blessed to be free and alive and sober!! God is so much involved in the very details of our lives. He (God) will put you in a position to become sober. It might be prison, jail, rehab, or even death but at some point you will get sober! You might as well choose recovery today!  I believe that ALL THINGS DENOTE THAT GOD IS REAL, THE SUN, THE MOON, THE STARS. So many facts testify that God is real, human life is a true miracle. YOU ARE A MIRACLE...NEVER FORGET THAT..YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND...THEIR WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU...YOU ARE A MIRACLE!!! My message to you today is keep on pressing forward with hope. Keep on pressing forward with a positive attitude. YOUR ATTITUDE WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOU!!!  

Today's blog post is all about my nephew Travis Ashton. My sister tells his whole story in detail on her blog  I highly recommend that you read and follow her blog. Travis' story is so inspiring! I just want to share today a little of Travis' story and how it relates to addiction and recovery in general. Travis' story is a powerful story of recovery! Here is the short version of Travis' story.....I was out serving a full time mission for my church from 2000-2002 and just before my mission was complete, my sister’s oldest son Travis was in a terrible car accident that caused a very severe traumatic brain injury. His accident left him in a coma and unconscious for many weeks. Once he awoke he was unable to use any part of his body. He could not hold his head up, sit up or move his arms or legs. He could not move his eyes or blink at will. He had a feeding tube, wore diapers, had a shunt in his head and was confined to a wheel chair. Through Travis’ determination, faith, hard work and countless hours of therapy, he has been blessed to overcome all of those things. Although he has an unusual gift to communicate with his spirit, his speech has yet to return. His right arm has had some movement come back, but he cannot use it functionally. Travis is a true soldier in God’s army and living proof that through hard work and dedication we can recover from just about anything! He has had to learn to do everything over again. Before his accident he was an all star baseball player, football player, basketball player, he was even a gifted pianist! Travis has had to relearn to walk and eat and use his left arm for everything even though he is right handed. Today Travis plays golf with me often and he hits the ball great using only his left arm!!!Travis stays positive and upbeat almost all of the time AND HE DOES IT WITHOUT ANY DRUGS OR ALCOHOL!!! He is an inspiration to us all. I figure if he can go through life sober than I dang sure can!!!
Here is a pic of Travis a few days before his accident
This is a few days after his accident.

I would like to propose a question to you. IS A HANDICAP A CURSE OR A BLESSING? I had to think about that for a moment, but I must tell you that Travis has been so much of a blessing in my life that I choose to say its a blessing.
I believe that their are many ways that we can be handicapped and addiction is definitely one of them. A lot of us become handicapped and get in the attitude of poor me, I'm a victim, I can never be the same. A lot of us will become bitter and angry and feel justified because life is just so dang hard. Travis' motto from the beginning has been "Whats Wrong with Hard?" It might be a long road to recovery but I'm thankful for the road! How many of us Have become bitter at life? We have a clear choice, we can become bitter or better! Travis inspires us all because he chooses to become better. Travis chooses to stay upbeat and positive even though he has every reason to be bitter and upset. Travis chooses to be a victor not a victim. He chooses to stay positive and appreciate what life has to offer, and I will mention again HE DOES IT ALL CLEAN AND SOBER!!! Travis is a TRUE SOLDIER IN GOD'S ARMY! He is a great example to all of us to keep on keeping on and never give up hope. Never think that you do not have the opportunity to change your attitude and change your life. WE DO RECOVER!! I choose to believe that we are not always addicts, we do recover!

My question to you today is are you a victim? Or are you a victor?  Are you choosing to have a bitter attitude towards the challenges you face in life or are you becoming better and stronger because of them? We can use the adversity in our lives as stepping stones to success. We can choose to be resilient and bounce back quickly when we fall down. I am inspired by Travis each and every day to be thankful for the blessings in my life. Travis helps me to realize that I should be thankful for my ability to speak and to walk and run and smell and hear and touch and feel! Travis helps me to appreciate many of the blessings in life that are so many times overlooked and under-appreciated.

 We are children of God and we all have great potential. Our souls are of great worth to our Father in Heaven. He loves us even when we are living in our addictions. He is rooting for us to choose recovery and tap into the power that comes from following Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has the power to restore you to complete spiritual health. He will restore you to complete spiritual health as you choose to humble yourself and follow Him. This life is a spiritual battle and Satan desires to kill steal and destroy our happiness and eternal reward. He uses drugs and all types of addiction as a powerful tool to drag us down to misery and hell. Once we realize that this spiritual battle is real we can choose to stay strong and stand firm in our sobriety. We can choose to exercise in every way each day to get stronger. When we are healthy we are happy and able to maintain a sober lifestyle much easier. It is my hope that today you are inspired on many different levels by TRAVIS ASHTON THE INSPIRATIONAL GOLFER.
Click HERE to watch Travis play golf:

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