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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


MY THOUGHTS:  Its been a while...its blogger time again.  Each time I get a comment that someone has benefited from this blog it inspires me to keep writing. I even heard that one of my post was brought inside the Utah state prison to help inspire those guys in there. Thats why I do this yall. Please share this blog with anyone you know that struggles with addiction or that has a loved one that is dealing with an addict. You can always send me private messages at I am seeking opportuinties to share my story anywhere by public speaking. If you know of someone or would like to hear my story please message me and we will make it happen. I plan on becoming a powerful motivational speaker. I am well on my way. Thanks for reading and sharing yall. I hope you are inspired and uplifted by this post....

 Well the weather outside is frightful, the lights are turned way down low, let it snow, let it snow...Its Christmas time and love is in the air. I love Christmas time because everyone seems a little more cheerful and happier. I love christmas time because I truly love my Savior Jesus Christ and He is the reason for the season. Christmas time reminds us that its better to give than to receive. Christmas time brings families together. Christmas time reminds us that Jesus Christ is a real person that actually lived on this earth.  Its just a wonderful time of year and it helps me to love life just a little bit more. Merry Christmas from Texas Yall!!!

The message that has been on my heart is to write about Loving the Lord. The Lord taught us in the Bible that the most important commandment is to LOVE THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, MIND, AND STRENGTH. As many of you know I have experienced many things in my life and I have grown to truly love the Lord with all my heart. Well its a work in progress. I love the Lord more and more each day that I choose to follow Him. I have noticed that as my love for the Lord grows my desires and behavior continues to change for the better. My heart continues to change. I am more compassionate with others. I have more patience with myself and others. I desire to be a better man each day because I love the Lord more and more all the time. Jesus Christ also said "IF YOU LOVE ME keep my commandments". My main point is that a true and sincere relationship with the Lord will change you from the inside out. As we come to know and appreciate the Lord we will be better happier people. I know its true because Im experiencing it. I know with all my heart that God lives and Jesus Christ knows ME, just as HE KNOWS AND LOVES YOU!  DO YOU LOVE HIM BACK?

You see I have experienced the very real misery and unhappiness that comes with drug and alcohol addiction. I have been homeless, jobless, and in such a spiritual prison that even jail was a relief from my miserable addicted lifestyle. I know what its like to turn away from the Lord and seek pleasure in worldly selfish ways. I thought happiness could come from money, cars , clothes, and just living for the moment. I discovered that its quite the opposite. Living for worldly pleasures creates a hole inside of our souls that never seem to get filled. Its a constant mary go round that never ends. When we live for worldly pleasure and seek happiness from money, cars , clothes, drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping and meaningless sex we are really cheating our very own souls. We are being led very gradually and carefully down to misery and endless torment. This hole inside your soul will continue to grow deeper and deeper, it will continue to be empty and you will never be satisfied as long as you are seeking happiness in worldly things. A great American prohet once put it like this..."WICKEDNESS NEVER WAS HAPPINESS"  I KNOW THIS IS TRUE BECAUSE I HAVE LIVED IT!! I see it everyday in my everyday life dealing with everyday people. Do you have an empty hole in your heart and soul? Do you seek happiness and peace but cant seem to find it? The answer is in LOVING THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART!!! That Jesus guy really knew what He was talking about.

 As I sincerly humble myself and Love the Lord I experience greater understanding, and a very real inner peace and happiness that I never experienced when I was getting high on worldly things. The high that I have today is not as extreme or intense as the high I had when I was using drugs, but it is far better and so much more real and lasting. The high Im on today is a lasting high that is much sweeter, purer, and sustaining. The high Im on today is from the true source of peace and happiness. The high I was on before was from the source of misery, lies, and darkness. Today I choose to stand strong and sober as a TRUE SOLDIER IN GODS ARMY. I invite you to turn to our Lord and savior in your life with all your heart and experience this inner peace that I speak of. Please dont confuse what Im saying and think that Im saying that when you love the Lord life is all skittles and rainbows. Thats not what Im saying. I am saying that when you love the Lord with all your heart you will be granted the inner peace and strength to get through your trials and temptations. Life is a test. We are to learn of good and evil and choose one path or the other. Its our own free choice. I beg of you to choose to follow Christ. Choose to be a true soldier in Gods army today! Dont allow Satan to fool you and trick you with his brillliant evil designs. Learn to love Jesus and If you love Him than prove it by your actions. IF YOU LOVE HIM YOU WILL strive to KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS. Focus on improvement not perfection.  We all fall short and fall down. He actually gives us weaknesses so we will humble ourselves and turn to Him, and as we do our weaknesses become our strengths. GODS PLAN IS REAL...JESUS CHRIST LIVES AND WILL RETURN TO THIS EARTH SOON. BE PREPARED!!

I promise you as you strive to Love the Lord with more sincerity and on a deeper level the hole inside of you will be filled with a peace that surpasses all understanding. AGAIN I KNOW FOR MYSELF ITS REAL AND TRUE BECAUSE I EXPERIENCE IT EVERYDAY. I truly hope I dont sound all preachy and holier than thou.. I am honestly and humbly just writing from my heart and following the inspiraion that comes to me.   I am far from any place to judge anyone. I do not judge others I am learning to see people not as we are but as we can become. We all have great worth and purpose. We all deserve and desire to be loved. This Christmas season and always let us love one another and learn to love the Lord with all our hearts, souls, might, mind, and strenghth. Let this love be your motivator and motive for all you do. He will reward you for your honor and commitment with ETERNAL  rewards that we cant even imagine at this time...


 A change of heart is a process that takes time. This process takes place as you take these twelve steps, humble yourself, and turn to Jesus Christ with your whole heart. The secret is to include Jesus Christ in your life as much as possible. Jesus Christ is the one with the healing power.  Ezra Taft Benson described this process so beautifully when he said, “The Lord works from the inside out; the world works from the outside in. The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes the slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums. The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes men who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior, but Christ can change human nature….Yes, Christ changes men, and changed men can change the world. (in Gen. conf. report Oct. 1985, 5-6).